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 New mating expected in January 2012



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We wish everybody lovely days in company of their family and dear friends. And of course a special hug for all the MacThree pups and their dear owners. We're looking forward to see and meet you all again next year!

Aad, Marina and all dogs of kennel MAC       

23-12-2011 The first snow has fallen in Germany and Caine (MacThree's Kheelan) enjoys it very much! 

photo made by owner Michael Gottwald

And Stephanie came to visit us again with Kosmo (MacThree's Kelwyn). He's also developping very wel.

Kosmo 9 months

19-12-2011 MacThree's Kaethi (9 months and 2 days old) for the first time on show in Junior class and immediatly Best Bitch in Wijchen, the Netherlands!

MacThree's Kaehti aka Thjedda 1Ex JCAC CAC 

The price for Best movement was, as far as I felt it, for MacThree's Khuddleigh "Raya" who gained 4 Ex. 

MacThree's Kaehti (owner: Frans van Dorp) and MacThree's Khuddleigh (owner: Maud Koenders)

27-11-2011 MacThree's Caithlenn "Cath" defends with succes her title Winster 2010 and is now also Winster 2011!

Amsterdam Winner, The Netherlands. Judge: Mrs. Freda Marshall (GB) Pyrenean Moutain dogs present: 18, 10 males and 8 bitches

Pleasing feminine. Excellent outline which is easely seen because she left her coat at home. Most beautiful head, eye and expression. Small ear, good earset. Excellent pigmentation and dentition. Well balanced angulation. Correct balance in leg length to body.Good topline and tailcarriage. Free, sound movement 1 CAC CACIB Winster 2011

And here they're again just like last year; Vi'skaly's Honky Tonk Man Winner 2010 andWinner 2011 and MacThree's Caithlenn Winster 2010 and Winster 2011. And where our Cath took the BOB home last year, it was now the other way around.

MacThree's Khuddleigh "Raya" 1 Very Promising and BOB Puppy at the Amsterdam Winner, The Netherlands


20-11-2011 MacThree's Khuddleigh "Raya" 1 Very Promising and BOB Puppy in Kortrijk, Belgium

Raya with her owner Maud Koenders

07-11-2011 MacThree's Caithlenn Luxembourg Champion!

Photo: Michel Aunac

Show Luxembourg: 13 really beautiful Pyrs present, 5 males and 8 bitches. Judge: Mr. J. Bond (Irl). Our Cath (completly without coat) for the first time in Champions class. She gained 1 Ex. CAC, res. CACIB (2e best bitch) and by winning the champion class she became Luxembourg Champion :)

MacThree's Khuddleigh 1 Very Promising and Sis Alta Colina Hessige Hedvig BIG in Venray, The Netherlands

And this is MacThree's Caoilainn "Ilou", MacThree's Calough "Floyd" and MacThree's Caelin "Cayleigh" at the Speciality in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. You don't have to ask yourself if they're siblings:)))

And this is MacThree's Kayne "Kai" and his sister MacThree's "Kyrene"; they've the same "problem" ;) 

24-10-2011 Caronne has become father again and our kennel 2 BIS Breeder and BIS Prodigee class

Our Caronne became father again; this time at kennel From Fjerla's Legacy from Liesbeth van Tilborg. The mother is Fjerla from Cailin's Garden (CH Alta Colina's Damenens Jens x Alaska) and she deliverd 6 handsome boys and 4 lovely girls to the world. There're still boys avaible so if you're interested, contact Liesbeth 

The newly born puppies from Fjerla and Caronne

On October 23th the 2 yearly speciality, Dogachtigenshow show was held in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. From our C litter were present MacThree's Caoilainn (Ilou), MacThree's Calough (Floyd) and MacThree's Caelin (Cayleigh) and from our K litter were present: MacThree's "Kyrene" and MacThree's Kayne (Kai). They all participate in the Best in Show Breeders competion with marvelous result; 2 B(est)I(n)S(how)!!! 

From left to right: Kyrene, Floyd, Ilou, Cayleigh and Kai: 2 BIS Breeders Group

Then with our new father, Caronne and his 3 C children we participated in Prodigee class and that resulted in this great picture made by Maud Koenders:

BIS Prodigee Group with: Caronne, daughters Cayleigh and Ilou and son Floyd

Helene, Joost, Ardi, Henriette, Joav, Louise and Chinouk; thank you so much for entering your "puppy" on this show! Helene, Chinouk and Johan (kennel From the Dutch Garden) thank you all so much for your help in handling our dogs in the main ring; without you these GREAT results weren't have been possible! xxx

Then another nice surprise because Maud came te visit us on the show with also great news; MacThree's Khuddleigh aka Raya passed her puppy exams as 3th best of her class. So this little, naugthy girl has not only beauty but also brains o;)

Raya and Hans during the exam (all pictures by Maud Koenders)

10-10-2011 We've a new girl in our pack: MacThree's Caelin aka Cayleigh

Cayleigh (2 years old) with her co-owner Steve Huijgens

01-10-2011 MacThree's Caithlenn 1 Ex. CAC CACIB BOB and now DUTCH CHAMPION!!!

Zwolle, The Netherlands. Judge: Mrs. M. Gehring (D) Pyrenean Mountain dogs present: 9 ofwhich 3 males and 6 bitches

24-09-2011 MacThree's Caoilainn 2 ex in Maastricht, The Netherlands. Great handled by the very young Chinouk Schlicher; great job girl!

Chinouk with Ilou (photo: Louise Schlicher)

12-09-2011 Young dog and Veteran Speciality in Belgium. All MacThree puppies were placed with a Very Promising! MacThree's Kylar "Conan" BOS Puppy and MacThree's "Kyrene" BOB and BIS Puppy

From left to right: Kai, Caine, BIS Veteran Phoenix, Conan, Thjedda, Kyrene and Jayda

From left to rights: Caine, Kosmo, Thjedda, Kyrene, Conan, Kai and Jayda just 6 months old. (Only Raya is missing here but she was on holiday)

  28-08-2011 MacThree's Kaehti BOB Baby in Rotterdam

23-07-2011 Kennel MacThree 3e Best in Show Breeders Group in Luik, Belgium! MacThree's Caithlenn 2 Ex. res. CAC res. CACIB, MacThree's Kyrene 1 VP BOS Baby and MacThree's Kayne 1 VP BOB Baby and selected with the 6 BIS Babies in Show. 

Cath, Kai and Kyrene

International show in Luik, Belgium; 10 PMD's present: 3 males and 7 bitches. Judge individual judgement: Mr R. Vanhoenacker (B), Best Baby judgement: Mr. M.H. Vella (MLT), Best Breeders Group judgement: Mrs. M. Vermeire (B)

MacThree's Caithlenn "Cath": Open class 2 Ex. res. CAC res. CACIB

MacThree's "Kyrene" 1 Very Promising BOS Baby, owner: Ardi Poels, NL

MacThree's Kayne "Kai" 1 Very Promising BOB Baby, Selection 6 BIS Babies (all breeds) owner: Henriette Prijt, NL

17-07-2011 MacThree's Kylar 1 VP and MacThree's Khuddleigh 1 VP. No Best Baby was choosen this time; they both went in the main ring to be presented to the audience

Maud Koenders with MacThree's Khuddleigh "Ray" 1 Very Promising

Macthree's Caithleen, too skinny according the judge and to him that was the reason why she moved so great.......It resulted in a VG

Nice: in Lokeren, Belgium all Babies with 1 VP go in the main ring to be presented to the audience

19-06-2011 We visited Helene en Joost, owners off MacThree's Calough "Floyd"

18-06-2011 We visited Anneke and Hugo, owners off  MacThree's Kaitlyn "Jayda"

Anneke with Jayda

MacThree's Kylar "Conan" and MacThree's Kheelan "Caine"

13-06-2011 MacThree's Caithlenn CAC CACIB (Best Bitch) BOS in Arnhem, The Netherlands

A lott off attention on the show for this lovely picture: Cath, Caine, Conan and (half) brother Whisper from The Dutch Garden

12-06-2011 MacThree's Khuddleigh BOS Baby and MacThree's Kylar BOB Baby in Lommel, Belgium

The second show for the babies and just like the first time, they were fully relaxed. Hans and Maud brought the puppypen with them and foster mother Noor (Alta Colina's Hessige Hedvig) was laying in there with Ray, Caine and Conan. Noor is really a perfect example from how a Pyr is and should behave 

Also Raya is developing very well; beautiful, feminine and elegant. The judge (Mr Roosenboom, Belgium) thought that Raya was better in head (quiet right!) and said before the BOB Baby competion that he would let her win if she moved better then her brother Conan. But still he found Conan more imposant for the main ring en Conan showed him a perfect gait with great drive and reach while Raya at that moment poked fun at the showprotocol and wouldn't show her beautiful gait. But, mark my words, it doesn't take long before this naughty bouncing ball beats her brother for the BOB competion......

Maud with Raya

Maud with Noor and Raya practising in the ring

02-06-2011 CH Uchan Caronne du Domaine de Peyrac for the first time in Senior class (7 years and older) on the Junior and Veteran Specialty in Holland. 


1 Ex Best Senior

31-05-2011 Today we've visited Stephanie and Nick, owners off MacThree's Kelwyn "Kosmo".

Stephanie with Kosmo

29-05-2011 MacThree's Khuddleigh BOS Baby and MacThree's Kayne BOB Baby on the Belgium Specialty. 

Both only 10 weeks old (new rule KMSH) and the competion was 2 and 3 months older so a GREAT achievement from them!!!! Henriette and Maud as owners of the babies; congratulations and we're so happy for you :)))))

Raya 1 Very Promising, BOS Baby Owner: Maud Koenders (NL)

Kai 1 Very Promising and Best in Show Baby. Owner: Henriette Prijt (NL)

From left to right: Conan, Caine, Kai and Raya

26-06-2011 IMPORTANT! Several emails were lost due to a computer crash of our laptop. Wil everybody who has sent us an email last week be so kind to send this emailagain?

28-05-2011 Finally we've the official results from Caronne. OCD en ED free, both shoulders and elbows are checked. The joints are completly clean, show not even a sign off wear and tear and that on the age of 7 years!

26-05-2011 The official picture of our K litter, 7 weeks old, made by Maud Koenders

MacThree's Kaitlin, -Kelwyn, - Kayne, - Khuddleigh, Kaehti, - Kheelan, - Kyrene, - Kylar

22-05-2011 MacThree's Kylar "Conan" stays definitley with us, we're still not sure about MacThree's Kheelan " Caine"


03-05-2011 You want to see all pictures of our K1 litter born 08-03-2011? Click here.

01-05-2011 Our C litter 2 years today. Congratulations Cherie, Dude, Floyd, Comedy, Ilou, Cath and Cayleigh and lots off hugs from us!

27-04-2011 The first official pictures and (Gallic) pedigree names: see page K1 Nest 2011

Mr Brown 6 weeks MacThree's Kelwyn (meaning: house friend)


21-04-2011 De everlasting love between a breeder and "her" puppy

Beate (kennel Alta Colina, Norway) came for a flash visit to Belgium and Celice went completly crazy when she saw her breeder after sevearl years again


19-04-2011 New head pictures of the puppies; see page K1 nest 2011



22-03-2011 New head pictures of the puppies; see page K1 Nest 2011   



13-03-2011 The new weights of the puppies are in Caitlin's diary

Mamma Caitlin wit mister Purple and miss Red (photo: Maud Koenders)

09-03-2011 The puppies are born on March 8th! 4 bitches and 4 males varieting in weight from 630 till 770 grams ofwhich the 4 bitches and 3 males are reserved. Only 1 male avaible at this moment. For info: info@pyreneese-berghonden.nl of call +32(0) 329 358 92

09-03-2011 Our Alta Colina's Den Dama "Celice" 6 years today; happy birthday Sweetie!

Our Diva Cath (MacThree's Caithlenn) is having a break from shows because her mother is getting puppies soon

16-02-2011 Official results of MacThree's Calough: HD A OCD free and ED free (both shoulders and elbows checked)

Caldo celebrates his 10th birthday today; happy birthday, Big Boy!

We got a beautiful picture last week from Aad and Cath (1Ex CAC CACIB Winster 2010 BOB) in action in the mainring from the Winner in Amsterdam

Photo: Alice van Kempen

07-02-2011 An Ultrasound showed that our Caitlin is pregnant; due March 13th 2011

Eindhoven, Nederland. Judge: Mr A. Pecoult (F) Pyrenean Mountaindogs present: 5 males and 16 females.

MacThree's Caithlenn 2 Ex in Open class (6 entries)

MacThree's Caoilainn 3 Ex Intermediare class (5 entries)
photo's by Maud Koenders

02-02-2011 The first official results from our C litter according to the Raad van Beheer are there:

MacThree's Carlin: HD A OCD free and ED free (both shoulders and elbows checked) 
MacThree's Caoilainn: HD A OCD free and ED free (both shoulders and elbows checked)

09-01-2011 A Pyrfect mating took place between Alta Colina's Gurine Gropa and Yep from the Dutch Garden. Puppies to be expected around 13 March 2011.


01-01-2011 Kennel MacThree wishes everybody a happy, healty and lovelable New Year inwhich all dreams may come true. Aad, Marina, Caldo, Caronne, Celice, Caitlin, Cath and Comedy

28-12-2010 Our Caitlin (CH. Alta Colina's Gurine Gropa, HD A, OCD, ED and PL free) is in heat!!! Mating with CH. Yep from the Dutch Garden (HD A and PL free) expected around Old/New Yearsday. For more information look at the page "K nest 2011". You can also call us at 003232935892 or email to info@pyreneese-berghonden.nl

27-11-2010 We had a GREAT day at the Amsterdam Winner!!!

We had entered 3 ladies and went home with it all. MacThree's Cately aka Comedy, Open class: 1 Excellent and though not common in Holland, the Finish judge pointed her out to be the 3e Best Bitch. CH Alta Colina's Den Dama aka Celice (Winster 2008), Champion class: 1 Excellent res. CAC and res. CACIB so was pointed out to be the 2e Best  Bitch. MacThree's Caithlenn aka Cath, Intermediaire class: 1 Excellent CAC CACIB Best Bitch so titled Winster 2010 and BOB (Best of Breed). Cath has also qualified herself for the Crufts. Sooooo proud of our girls!

Judge: Mrs. E. Ruskovaara (FI) Pyremountain Dogs present: 15, 4 dogs and 11 bitches

20-11-2010 MacThree's Caithlenn 1 Ex. CAC CACIB BOS at Kortrijk, Belgium. Judge: Mrs A. Doppelreiter (AUT). Pyrenean Mountain Dogs present: 14, 4 males and 10 bitches

19-11-2010 Change off plans according mating! Soon to be expected the mating of Alta Colina's Gurine Gropa and CH Yep from the Dutch


CH Yep from the Dutch Garden (Begons du Tuc de L'Adosse x Symfonie van Merode Dancing Jill) HD A and PL 0/0, is  a dog that fascinated us already from of birth.His father is gorgious and we also love his mother very much as well in character as in exterieur and the lines behind both dogs. Yep has grown to a healty, lovely dog with good body, beautiful head and lovely expression. We're very greatfull to Johan and Marian that we can use this dog for a mating.

Yep from the Dutch Garden. Owners: Johan and Marian Berendsen of kennel From the Dutch Garden

31-10-2010 3 MacThree's entered for the Dutch Speciality (70 entries) with French Icoon Guy Mansencal as judge and all 3 placed with an Excellent! Very well done Floyd, Ilou en Cath; we're proud off you!

MacThree's Calough "Floyd" Juniorclass (4 entries) 2 Excellent

MacThree's Caoiliann "Ilou" Intermediare class (10 entries) 4 Excellent

MacThree's Caithlenn "Cath" Juniorclass (9 entries) 4 Excellent

By the way; our Cath hadn't had a bath this time; she was only brushed. On Saturday she looked like this when we picked her out of the fields

The fur of a Pyrenean Mounteindog; luckily for the biggest part self-cleaning....

30-10-2010 Today our Dude (MacThree's Cathmore) came to visit us again; he has become a real men!


28-10-2010 After our Caitlin is also Caronne checked on OCD and ED and also these X-rays look perfect!  Here under the X-rays, 1 of each shoulder to check on OCD and 2 of each elbow to check on OCD and ED




24-10-2009 Today our Cath "deserved" her first VG on the show in Utrecht, Netherlands. Judge: R. Chiodi-Walraven (NL). Pyrenean Mountain Dogs present: 12, 5 males and 7 females

Luckily Cath herself can laugh about it........

9-10-2010 MacThree's Caoilainn "Ilou" Junior class: 1Ex JCAC, CAC, Best Bitch and  BOS in Zwolle, Netherlands. PMD's present: 11, 4 males and 7 females. Judge: Mrs. C. Muldoon (Irl)

Ilou with us in the garden this morning

3-09-2010 We've been visiting MacThree's Carlin aka Cherie. Still adorable and also grown very well.

MacThree's Carlin 16 months old

Forever in our hearts Aad Nieuwenhuizen Sr 15 July 1937 - 27 August 2010


19-07-2010 MacThree's Caithlenn Lokerse Juniorwinner in Belgium!


Soon mating to be expected of:

 Fjerla from Cailins Garden NJK (CH Alta Colina's Damenes Jens x Alaska)


en NL INT B CH Uchan Caronne du Domaine de Peyrac JBS'04 JW'04 KS'08 (CH Surcouf du Domaine de Peyrac x Romance du Domaine de Peyrac)

Fjerla is owned by Liesbeth van Tilborg, kennel From Fjerla's Legacy in Belgium. Fjerla has already proven herself as a good mother of the I litter at  From Fjerla's Legacy. Caronne is the Sire of our own C litter. Both dogs are HD A and officially checked on Patella Luxation en were free from it.

For more information and/or reservations you can call Liesbeth tel. 0032(0)11812978 or email She will gladley answer all your questions


Sadley no puppies this time for our Caitlin. Due to unforeseen circumstances we had to resort to artificial insemination this time. The sperm of the beautiful Chenespace Noble Norvegien was flown over from Norway and Caitlin was inseminated with that. We knew the changes of a pregancy would be less but on that moment we couldn't do anything else. Unfortunately this has not led to a pregancy of our Caitlin. In the autumn of 2010 we will repeat this combination but then on the natural way. We thank our puppybuyers who will waite for this mating for having confidence in us. Big XXX

Chenespace Noble Norvegien 1 EX. CAC res. CACIB (second best male) at the Worldwinner 2010 in Denmark

On the WW'10 were 58 PMD's entered ofwhich eventually 46  made their appearance in the ring, 22 dogs and 24 bitches. Judge: Mrs. Rene Sporre-Willes (SE). All results of the WW'10 you can read on this page.


MacThree's Caithlenn (13 months) becomes Best of breed for the third time at the International all breedshow in Uden, The Netherlands. Judge Mr. R. Vanhoenacker (B), PMD's present: 7, 2 dogs and 5 bitches

25-05-2010 Finally; Caitlin is in heat! Mating soon to be expected!  

A beautiful gift from our lovely puppy buyers; thank you all so much!


MacThree's Calough BOS and MacThree's Caithlenn BOB in Wieze, Belgium!


MacThree's Caoilainn Best in Show at the Junior Speciality in Holland!

Owners: Louise Schlicher and Marina Nieuwenhuizen


MacThree's Caithlenn Europajugendsieger 2010 in Dortmund, Germany! Sis MacThree's Cately 3Ex and Alta Colina's den Dama 1Ex CAC res. CACIB


We've celebrated the first birthday of our C litter all together

A beautiful gift from one of our puppybuyers; a lovely cake made from a picture when the puppies were 7 weeks old. From all our puppy buyers we got also a delicious Barbeque-party offered to celebrate the birthday of our C-Litter. Many thanks and kisses!


MacThree's Cately

18-04-2010 MacThree's Caithlenn again 1Ex JCAC and best junior at Goes, The Netherlands  

MacThree's Cathmore 10 months


Our proud leader of the pack Multi Champion Alta Colina's den Dama "Celice"

Multi CH Alta Colina's Den Dama "Celice" W'08


MacThree's Caithlenn, for the second time entered in Junior class, defeats Mom and Dad for the BOB at the Rheinlandsieger in Germany

Rheinlandsieger, Germany. Judge:Mrs R. Kazlauskaite (LT) PMD's present:: 5 (2 males and 3 bitches). Alta Colina's Gurine Gropa: 1 Ex CAC Rheinlandsiegerin 2010, Uchan "Caronne" du Domaine de Peyrac: 1Ex CAC Rheinlandsieger 2010 BOS and MacThree's Caithlenn 1Ex JCAC Rheinlandjugendsiegerin and BOB 

our BOB

"Litlle Doll" MacThree's Carlin, came to visit us

Only our "litlle doll" isn't so little anymore....

And GREAT news form Norway; the future Daddy of our litter, Chenespace Noble Norvegien, "Kelvin" is checked on PL and OCD with GREAT results; PL 0/0 and OCD free!



MacThree's Caoilainn "Ilou" and MacThree's Caithlenn "Cath", just 12 months old, for the first time entered in Junior class. Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Judge: Mrs C. Rossier (CH). PMD's present: 20, 8 dogs and 12 females ofwhich 8 were entered in Junior class. Our lovely girls did very well; first in class was for the older Hazara Pyrene La Joie Blanche who also became Best Bitch, but second and third became our little Ilou and Cath; well done girls!

Hazarra Pyrene La Joie Blanche, MacThree's Caoilainn, MacThree's Caithlenn en Jasmine Dogmania


MacThree's Caithlenn again shortlisted with the 8 BIS puppies in Moeskroen, Belgium. Judge: Mr. J.J. Dupas (F) PMD's present; 10 ofwhich 4 males and 6 females

Cath, finished with puppyclass, ready for Juniorclass


Hoogstraten, 10 January 2010. Judge: Dhr. Jean Claude Larive (F). PMD's present: 8, 2 males and 6 females. Cath again Best Puppy and shortlisted again with the 6 BIS puppies.

The finalists in the mainring photo: Hans Koenders

01-01-2010 Happy New Year!